What does a common-sense approach look like under my platform.

Excellence in Education

It means ensuring access to quality education for all families. I’ll defend our charter schools and school choice and I’ll promote vocational and trade school options. I’ll make sure more education dollars actually get to the classroom. I worked for more than 20 years in Adams County Schools as a purchasing supervisor, overseeing multi-million dollar budgets. I saw the financial waste and misplaced priorities. Teachers and para professionals were always last in line for funding, while spending on administration grew and grew. Teachers, bus drivers, and other school workers spent an incredible amount of time and out-of-pocket money on supplies without getting reimbursed.  The amount of money Colorado spends per student consistently ranks among the lowest in the country.  I also support performance-based pay.

Quality, Affordable Health Care

On health care, instead of the top-down approach advocated by proponents of single-payer socialized medicine, let’s concentrate power with the individual. Let’s make it bottom-up, ensuring all Coloradans can choose a quality, affordable care option that works for them. Insurance should be portable, following the patient from one job to the next. Let’s also consider options for expanding access to mental health, and addressing behavioral health concerns of many of the homeless population.

Relieve Traffic Congestion

Here’s a common-sense way we can help metro-area families: relieve the traffic congestion. The average metro area commuter spends 49 hours per year stuck in traffic. That’s not productive, and it steals precious time away from our families. The solution is simple: designate more of our budget to repairing roads and expanding road capacity. New technologies can help, too. Adaptive traffic signaling, for instance, cycles lights based on actual traffic instead of old-style timers. Just try driving up and down Wadsworth Boulevard at any time of day or night. It doesn’t take an engineer to realize how inefficient those traffic lights are.

No Tax Hikes Without Voter Approval

And speaking of our budget, I’ll defend TABOR’s requirement that any proposed tax hike be subject to a vote by the citizens of Colorado. Our problem in Colorado isn’t that we are taxed too little; it’s that liberal politicians can’t say no to spending. Between 2001 and 2017, Colorado’s budget doubled.  Even when you take into account population growth and inflation, that’s a lot of new spending. Let’s prioritize spending on government’s core functions – for example, road funding, as I mentioned before.

Promote the Sanctity of Life

On abortion, I believe life is precious. I believe in the sanctity of life. It saddens me that society so often promotes abortion as the first option for unwanted life. I’m eternally grateful to my birth mother, who chose to go forward with her pregnancy, as I was a product of rape. The alternative is I wouldn’t be here today. Legislatively, I will work to prohibit late-term abortions and oppose taxpayer-funding of abortions. Put aside the moral debate over abortion for a moment. Late-term abortions are simply not humane. This should be a consensus issue.

Defend the Constitution

I am a constitutionalist who will defend our First and Second Amendment rights. They are fundamental rights. The Founding Fathers made them a priority; that’s why they are the first two amendments to our Constitution.

Promote Animal Welfare

Finally, I mentioned it before . . . animal welfare is an issue near and dear to my heart. I want to be an advocate for and establish policies that protect the humane treatment of animals for the purpose for which they were created: to be our companions. We are to be good stewards of all life on earth. I’ll be a voice for the voiceless and helpless. It bothers me that Republicans are not thought of as caring people when it come to our companion animals. This should not be a partisan issue.