We are excited to endorse Lynn for Senate District #19:

Maryann Peratt LCWS, CACIII
Director of Judicial Services
Child Welfare Education Liaison/BID
Tracy Meola
Colorado Christian University, Adjunct Professor and Author of Worship Disorder: Discover God’s Blueprint for Worship.

It’s important to vote for those who stand up for the rights of individuals. That is why I support Lynn Gerber for Senate District 19. She is not afraid to engage tough situations and harsh critics and for as long as I have known her, she has been dedicated to speaking boldly for those who can’t find their voice. She has been dedicated to helping women in crisis situations and has fought hard to promote animal welfare in our state. She knows what it is to work as a businesswoman in our community and the challenges that business owners face. She stands up for the rights and betterment of the individual and I believe she will do that as Senator as well. Lynn is a caring and compassionate person who is also fiercely loyal and dedicated to many different causes and I know that as Senator, she will also be just as loyal and dedicated to the people she serves in Senate District 19.


John and Kaylnn Mai
JM Ranch, Inc., Business Owners
Proud Republican’s in Senate 19

We are proud to support our loyal hard working friend Lynn Gerber for Senate District #19


Cindi Sherman,
Small Business Owner Senate District 19

I’ve known Lynn Gerber and her husband Billy for many years. Lynn has a ‘never say die’ spirit… once she starts something, she doesn’t give up until she has succeeded. You couldn’t ask for a better, kinder, more ‘common sense’ senator to represent you in Colorado.

Sheri Lowrance
Arbor Grace Real Estate Investing

I want to publicly give my whole-hearted support for Lynn Gerber as the next State Senator for District #19.  I’ve known Lynn for over 10 years.  She has great character and a wide variety of experience and passions that will be very valuable to our state. She is a born leader with a great deal of integrity, authenticity, and drive to help other people.  She is a fresh voice for change that is badly needed in Colorado! 

Laurel Newton,
Chief Financial Officer
Sentry Protection Systems (commercial burglar and fire alarm installations), Arvada

Lynn Gerber loves God and loves her community and is one of the most hardworking and determined people I have ever met. She will work tirelessly to do what she believes is right, and is committed fully to every one of the issues listed on her platform. I have known Lynn for ten years and worked with her on projects related to responsible fatherhood. She is an authentic and transparent individual who can bring that same spirit to the office of Colorado Senator, dispensing with politics as usual. She will do more than just talk about issues but will do her best to actually get things done.


Laura Woods Endorses Lynn Gerber