Lynn Gerber


Your common sense canidate for North Jeffco


About Lynn…


When I was born, my mother gave me up for adoption. Fortunately, a wonderful family of educators adopted me. Still, I struggled in school. Luckily, my school had a vocational and technical program. Once I was allowed to enroll in this program and take control of my education, I thrived. It probably saved my life.


After school, I went on to a long and successful career that included working in education.


I never forgot how important my vocational education was to my future success. Now, I’m running to combat the myth that kids who don’t go to college are failures and to ensure that every child has access to the same opportunities that I did.

Lynn’s Values & Vision:


Better Schools:

Ensure more money gets into the classrooms and to our teachers, promote choice and opportunity, and expand trade and vocational options


Business Friendly Environment:

Eliminate job-killing regulations


Affordable, Quality Health Care:

Oppose government interference between doctors and patients while providing options to keep quality high and costs low


Defend TABOR:

Proposed tax hikes should be up to the voters


Reduce Traffic Congestion:

Prioritize more of our current budget to road repair, WITHOUT RAISING TAXES!

Lynn’s Background:


Worked in public education for 24 years


Adopted from foster care


Small businesswoman


Welcomed 11 foster children in addition to our own 5 children


Advocates for women in crisis and addiction recovery


Advocates for humane treatment of companion animals

Please feel free to call me any time, 303-944-8381.